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Crystal Home Accessories are as popular today as they were centuries ago. A nice mouth blown piece of art cut to perfection has always brought satisfaction of achievement to it crafter and smiles to its recipient. Holding a nice piece of serving platter, a unique shaped Crystal vase or any other piece of crystal decor always brings a welcome smile.

We go around the World to find artisans who are working with crystal and glass and converting them into elegant crystal home accessories for generations. They produce finest creations in crystal decor but we specifically look for new designs of serving platters, crystal vases and unique crystal home accessories. We also provide them our own designs to bring new and unique collections.

Our crystal home accessories are suitable for all occasions. Let it be corporate gifts, wedding registry, wedding gift, housewarming gift, whatever the reason, you will find a suitable piece just right for that occasion. Our selection of hand crafted serving platters, unique designs of bowls and highly decorative vases will enhance the surrounding of your home and invite compliments from you guests. Visit us online at and let us deliver your selection to your doorsteps.

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Crystal Home Accessories

Simple Home Decor Flourishes That Can Make A Big Impact For Entertaining

Home DecorWhile going on a redecorating spree right before hosting an event sounds like a good idea in theory, it’s not always in the budget, there’s not always time and here’s a little secret: it’s not even necessary. In fact, hosting a party, or even a small get together, is a perfect time to put some of your stand alone pieces to good use and incorporate them into the decor of your gathering. If you don’t have any stand alone pieces, here are a few different pieces to consider that are both beautiful enough to be called decor, but functional enough to use on special occasions.

One great way to both liven up your atmosphere while using a piece that often collects dust is with flowers. If you don’t already have a nice vase, take a little time to find one that suits your style and aesthetic. Then head to your local florist (or yes even a decent grocery store, just go with loose flowers over one of those pre made bouquets) and find some stems to suit the shape of your vase. Once the party is done and the flowers have wilted, you will then have a nice piece to leave out for display.

Another little trick to incorporating home decor into entertaining is with decorative platters. Holiday themed platters are especially nice for both holiday decor and entertaining. A beautiful platter piece can be displayed either on a counter or a wall if your counters get heavy use. It can then make a beautiful serving piece, centerpiece or focal point to a tablescape. (Just make sure your decorative platter is suitable for use with food if using as a serving platter.)

Actually lighting those candles that sit atop your beautiful candle holders is another way to add ambiance to your home, whether you are entertaining a large crowd or just having a small gathering. Nothing creates a wonderful ambiance like candlelight on a table or mantle, or even get creative and turn a never used fireplace into a candlescape. Adding a candle and some seasonal flowers or foliage to a hurricane vase also makes a unique centerpiece.

The possibilities are as endless as your creativity. If you’re looking for that stand out piece to use both in home decor and entertaining, Nature Home Decor works with some of the best designers and quality materials and will have something for you!  We have a variety of stunning pieces that bring form and function together for the kitchen, bathroom and home.

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