Add elegance to your bathroom with Onyx accessories

A bathroom is an important room in your home. It is the first place we visit once we are up in the morning and last place to visit when we call it a day. A place where we get the best ideas of our lives, a place where we confine ourselves to when we need to and take that long and warm shower at the end an exhaustive day.

Enliven this essential space of your life with accessories that give it an elegance, a vibe of positivity, an earthly and calming effect.

Onyx is one of the most beautiful semi-precious stone of its class. It comes with a glow of yellow and naturally occurring bands giving it a glamour appearance.


Why choose multi Onyx Bath Accessories?

Elegance that never fades: Nothing comes close to a hand polished designer marble bath accessories set when compared with other medium like ceramic, acrylic or metal.. Above all its resistance to water damage makes it particle as it is elegant.

Go Green – Environment-friendly: It conforms to the Worlds adaptation of sustainable products as it is environment friendly. Marble is excavated from mother earth and once used for generations, it goes back to mother earth without causing any strain or damage to the environment.

Strong & Modern: Onyx is a perfect combination of strength and looks. It is warm yet strong and is eye pleasing. Items crafted in Multi Onyx invite compliments and they are piece of conversation in their own right! If not dropped, products crafted from Onyx will last a life time and even longer.

The quality of the highest class: If you prefer quality over price, then Onyx Bathroom Accessories are just crafted for you.

Our bathroom accessories are crafted with a high level of workmanship are considered a work of art in small forms.

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